PrintShop Mail & Web

Personalized, promotional printing management over the web

PrintShop Web is a Web-to-Print solution that allows print providers and brand owners to effectively manage promotional print flows, streamline customer interaction, and combines the benefits of Variable Information (VI) with On-Demand Printing.
Document designers publish promotional document templates created with PrintShop Mail

Customers select the desired template, integrate their own variable data through the upload of a database or via input fields, and order print jobs on the fly, at all times;
Print shops automatically receive the print job requests and provide customers with real-time information on their job status during the whole production process, from the reception of the request to the shipping phase.

Create templates for repetitive jobs and let your customers personalize and order them via the web. This will save costs, reduce errors, and creates stronger customer relationships.


  • Use PrintShop Mail as free design tool
  • Variable and static web-to-print solution
  • Customer friendly job submission
  • Printer finishing support
  • Instant preview and preflighting
  • Eases the interaction between the buyer and the supplier
  • Automates the communications between the buyers and suppliers
  • Allows print providers and suppliers to offer complete and integrated services
  • Combines the advantages of variable printing with on-demand printing
  • Online data-entry (text entry or database upload)
  • Online image upload
  • Support of both versioning and/or personalization

PrintShop Web workflow